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Mulberry Leaf Tea Part 1 – Fresh

Mulberry tea series : Part 1 – Fresh, Part 2 – Dried, Part 3 – Fresh vs Dried

My first encounter with the word Mulberry came from the nursery rhyme “Round the mulberry bush” in preschool. I always had this vision of strange waist-high rounded bush.

In my twenties, when I was busy devouring documentaries and obsessing about the origin of every items we take for granted, I found out mulberry is what you feed silkworms. Mulberry was transformed from a European to a Chinese flora. Even so, I still had no idea what Mulberry, both tree and fruit look like. There must be a berry kind of fruit, right? It’s in the name. I imagined it would be round, like blueberries or cherries.

A few years ago, my dad planted a tree and called it mulberry tree. Mum went on about the manifold benefits of mulberry, from fruits, to leaves, to bark, and even the white mold that grows on it. Traditional Chinese medicine had been using mulberry for a long long time.

Now, I know what mulberry looks like. It’s not a waist-high round bush. It’s a tree, with small hairy elongated clustered fruits. What strange transformations mulberry had taken to get to the real thing. Read the rest of this entry »


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