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Genius on a whim

So, I broke my glasses.

That same night, I went to make new glasses.

Three days later, I went to pick up glasses. It was no good. I had to redo my lenses.

5 days later, I went to pick up glasses second time. On a whim, I decided to watch a movie and have dinner at that shopping mall. I bought tickets to Wolverine.

I have an hour to kill, so I went to video store where they have a sale on Japanese and Korean dramas. What the heck. I’ve been watching anime, but I haven’t watched Japanese drama since Heaven’s Coins in late 90s. So I bought 2 series.

One of it is Tantei Galileo. All I can say is … It’s not something I’ll regret. I’m in awe of a writer who can craft such beautiful plots. The movie left me breathless. It broke all the rules of murder mystery genre. It was beautiful. It’s not without flaws, but the sheer audacity of a writer who sidelined his protagonist and gave so much focus and development to the antagonist … he has my respect. The movie, in contrast to the series, is darker, more conflicted and angsty. I did miss the lighter humour in series, but the movie is very touching.

I like the series for the clever and ingenious application of laws of science. It tries to explain certain impossible and paranormal phenomena through science without dumbing down to incoherence and magic. There’s good humour and it’s not above poking fun at the stereotype eccentric professor and feisty rookie detective. It even has the tacky formulaic scribblings, pose and cartoony laughter more suited for an anime, not a live-action drama.

The movie, on the other hand, has very little to do with science that the series is built on. It focuses on logic, human relations and human psyche. It’s understated, subtle and devious.

I am rarely moved to recommend something. Especially when I believe that my tastes tend to be a little off alignment with my peers. But if you want an intelligent and unusual entertainment, by all means, check out Tantei Galileo and see for youself.


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