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I tot I heard an Atobe – Bleached Grimmjow

I was watching Bleach with half an ear when I thought I heard PoT’s Atobe Keigo. Blink blink! I did! I did hear Atobe. Turns out, one of Bleach’s character, Grimmjow is voiced by Suwabe Juniichi.  The same as Atobe’s voice actor. Seems like both Grimmjow and Atobe share more than voice. Both seems to have their brand of personal honour and what they considered fair play. Not to mention both have attitude to go with their ruthlessness. Even their insane laugh … I seem to have similar reaction to Grimmjow as I did Atobe. I didn’t like them at first and I should dislike them. But by the second time Grimmjow reappeared, down to his ‘final hour’, it’s hard not to like him. He managed to single-handedly defy Aizen, rescue Orihime, pulled the wool over Ulquiorra … Gotta admire his sass. Read the rest of this entry »


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