Mulberry Leaf Tea Part 2 – Dried

Mulberry tea series : Part 1 – Fresh, Part 2 – Dried, Part 3 – Fresh vs Dried

Preparing my own mulberry tea leaves turned out to be easier than I thought. All I needed were fresh leaves and lots of hot sunshine.

Homemade mulberry tea

1. Wash and clean the mulberry leaves.

2. Spread them out on a flat colander or clean sheet of cloth, single layer.

3. Put it outside, under the hot sun.

4. (Optional) Bring indoors at night or during rain.

5. Dry until the leaves are crispy.

6. The leaves are ready if it is brittle enough to break into flakes when crumpled with hand.

7. Crush into small flakes.

8. Store in airtight container, no need refrigeration.

Dried mulberry leaves (whole)

Mulberry leaves dried and crushed

Preparing mulberry tea

1. Take a teaspoon of mulberry tea leaves per cup.

2. Add hot water. Steep for 10-30 seconds.

3. Strain out the leaves.

4. The leaves can be steeped again for several times.

The tea is pale yellow in colour. It smells and taste similar to normal green tea. It has a mellower, earthier fragrance of mulberry leaves.

I used a two-part tea infuser like this one because the leaves have a tendency to float for the first two or three batches.

Glass tea infuser


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  2. Angella Bledsoe said

    When do you harvest the leaves?

    • cohlinn said

      I live in the tropics, so I do it all year round. Rule of thumb is to do it when the tree gets too bushy and needs a good trim, especially after harvesting the fruits. Trimming the plant will generate more branches and new fruits.

      • I harvest them anytime they are available. In southern New Mexico that is usually April through late fall when they drop, and the tree goes dormant for the winter.

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