Why should I blog?

I’m not much of a blogger or even a diary writer. The only time I tried to keep diaries was in my early teens. And that lasted for one day.

As much time as I spent in reflection and thinking, I rarely write down my thoughts at the moment. Mostly, it’s ‘forgotten’, i.e. buried deep into my subconscious. Sometimes, I might dust it off to present it to a close friend.

Since reading Stevey Yegge’s (technical blogger) post on writting blogs, I thought I might give it shot. http://steve.yegge.googlepages.com/you-should-write-blogs

To use blog as a way to put down my thoughts / whims / fancies of the moment. To shut the overly critical internal editor within me that will not allow me to write or publish anything that I’m not sure is correct, true, fact or accurate.

I’ll have to learn to accept that thought of the moment is random. Just intuitive leaps, not necessarily accurate, correct or factual. Otherwise, I will never write anything down without 3 days of non-stop research on subject matter, which after 3 days, I’ll be less than inclined to write the obvious or have proven myself wrong and therefore no longer need to publish my self-ignorance. Or worse, I’d found 10 different other different branches of ideas or interests that I’m no longer interested in the original thought. Well, now I know why I don’t blog or write diaries. Thought is faster than my typing speed.

So, I’m going to take Stevey’s advise. Blog for innovation and clarity. Imagine if you will, ideas comes in queue. As long as you are still toying with the first idea, you are just looking at the first element in the queue. But if you write it down, you remove the element from the queue. And the next element on the queue comes to the front. If I never write down the first one, the second one will never come to light.

Also, by writting the idea down, I can crystalise it in my mind. And turn it around, clarify the fuzzy points, finding new diversions, connections, till, the original idea has been transformed into something else.

While the inner editor in me will try to keep my articles somewhat in topic and bounded scope, I might go off tangent or start another article if the topic spins off another heavier topic. Like now.

This entry was titled character analysis. I meant to write about some fictional characters I like that I’ve been obsessing about at the moment. It’s a passing fancy, but I thought I should write down my insights while I’m still into the story / character. Which hopefully will help me write better in the future.

But I started the entry with my explaining why I’m going to try blogging my fancies. And well, you’ve just read what happened, if you read till this paragraph. So, I’m going to change the title and start another entry. Hopefully, I actually get to write down my original blog entry instead of taking another detour.


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