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Smartphone – major rant

Much Hate for Iphone.

I blame Iphone for the epidemic of devices called touch smartphones. My gripes?

1. Too much hype on social networking. Time and money wasters. Too much hype on the latest ‘fashion’ for the masses and not enough quality and practical usability.

2. This irritates me even more by having iphone and android search results spamming my serious pda+phone searches. Smartphones are dumb.

3. No more standalone. Everything needs a data plan to work. The guiltiest of all being Google’s Android what depends on everything Google. No! It’s my PDA. I want it to work offline, especially on a 16 hour flight with not WIFI and no data plan. If it doesn’t, it’s auto trashed!

4. Capacitive touch screen. Hate hate hate! This is what I consider 10 steps backward. Why? First, it leaves finger prints and skin oils and dirt all over my lovely screen. And Second, NOT every little thing is better with pinch and slide and bleh. Some things are better with precision of a stylus. Like typing and painting and scribble writting. Now, we are forced to devolved from precise writting with state of the art fine tool to neanderthal finger painting using ultra state of the art technology. How is that better? Want to sign your name? Umm … right. Please use finger. It’s so high tech, you just finger your beautiful signature like a 3-year-old. Oh yeah, Iphone and Android is not for smart adults. They’re for 3-year-old kids who can’t read or write yet and only knows how to do cave paintings. Thirdly, special stylus. In normal touch screen, you can use anything for stylus. Finger, back of the pen, paperclip, ice-cream stick. Anything! Now, it doesn’t work. You need special capacitive stylus. If you lose it, you pay $$$ for a new one or be crippled. How is that better?

5. Serious lack of simple, fuss free, standalone, ebook reader. No, I don’t care for your proprietary PDF, LIT, ePub, mobi, whatever. I want an ebook reader that can display normal text files. Txt, rtf, html are must haves. Not a single freaking one supports these three formats! uBookLite came closest to perfect in what I need. And it doesn’t run on Iphone or Android or Linux.

6. More ebook reader griefs. I also blame this on too much control from the corporates. Imagine my horror that ebook readers are locked to what you can download from their parent websites! Who the hell says you can control what I read? If not that, then all the ebooks files needs to be uploaded to their parent website and download to the mobile device from the parent website. Right, first I give you, then I download back? It wastes time, there’s no privacy and why the hell do I need to pay twice the fee for upload and downloads when I can copy it into my memory card and the books are automagically in my mobile device? What a stupid idea! Another one forces you to convert whatever format you have into their own format. Even proudly declares their conversion software as a ‘feature’. **facepalm** Even I would be too ashamed to publicise this bug and its clumsy band-aid workaround fix. No way in hell I’m going to convert anything I read into YOUR format. My files, MINE!

7. Some ebook readers even insist that they catalogue your files for you! All have to be imported into their folders sitting in the internal memory. I call this the “Windows My Porn” syndrome. My files, my filing system. This is a stupid idea. a) I don’t need hundreds of files to clog up my system and do a slow %#$%$% load of list of files. b) I have all the ebook files in external card. On long journeys, say 2 weeks to 2 months, I can load up all my ebooks into 1 or 2 cards. Finished the books on one card, swap to the next one. Simple, fuss free, complete control. Boy do those corps peeps hate that. Batteries dead and you’re about to be brain dead from boredom? Borrow mom’s phone and chuck your card in. Your device crashed and do a hard reset when Juliet is about to plunge to her death? No worries. Everything is still safe in your card. Reboot and read on. Don’t use a cannon to kill a fly. You will break everything and not touch an antennae on the bugger. Why are we paying more for even less?

90% of the time I’m on the move, I’m using uBook. And since it only supports Windows Mobile and Palm, guess who’s the winner?

I can’t believe I’m say this, but it looks like I’m going to get a phone with Windows Mobile. No Iphone and no Android. Not till they seriously clean up their dumb hippy act.


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