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Flour Tortilla

Flour Tortilla

It occurs to me that recipes normally contains list of ingredients and steps. But usually, they do not contain the ‘reasons’ or explanations for those ingredients and steps. And for a newbie cook, the recipe can be quite indecipherable.

This is my first time making tortilla in my room without proper kitchen. And it was so easy and wonderful, I made it again. I went through several recipes and several online videos and combine their wisdom into the process.

That’s why the reasons for the ingredients and steps are important to me. I need to know which attributes are key ones, what I can substitute for due to my space and pantry variety constraints and the fact that I do not have a flat pan. I do have a flat bottomed thick pot.

So, here’s the summary of what I found out and what I did to make it work.

If it’s too confusing, the normal format recipe is in bold.

You can ignore the ratio & reasons section and the non-bolded text in the steps.

They are only important if you want variation, alternatives or troubleshoot.

Based on Jason Hill’s video and
Easy enough that it was successful on first try and the measurements are flexible and forgiving, so no need to be too exact.

Homemade Tortilla

Homemade Tortilla

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