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Half a glass of water, please

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Have you ever had to answer this question? Of course, we all know the answer.
If you say half full, you’re a bouncing off the wall chirpy optimist.
If you say half empty, you’re a sad droopy depressing pessimist.
Okay, so I might have exaggerated, a little.
But if you’re smart, you’d automagically say half full with a big wide smile.

And in case you are the rare few that don’t know the answer to that question? Well, join the club.

Being the incurable need to ponder person that I am, I’ve finally flogged this stray thought into some kind of coherence. Yes, all thoughts, potentials and what-ifs are like little swirling clouds of cosmic particles that finally get attracted to each other, join forces and recruit more particles until they form structured thought. Well, it does anyway in my universe, but that’s another story.

Anyway, back to the question. It has always been an itch at the back of my head and that irked me to some degree. Why must the answer be either one? After all, neither satisfied me. What if there’s a third answer? Or the answer is some kind of a quantum state the changes and fluctuates. So, what is the right answer to the question?


I’d say, it’s a quantum state, depending on the circumstances.
Now, if the glass is being filled, I’d say it’s half full.
If I’m drinking from the glass or pouring it out, I’d say it’s half empty.
If I just walk into a room with the glass just stand on the table, neither being filled nor emptied, I’d say it’s half glass.

So there you go. Cheers!


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