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Prince of Tennis Character Names

I got a bit annoyed at westernisation of Japanese names in Prince of Tennis. I’ve always prefered the Romaji as pronounciation guide to haphazard approximation of their English spellings, like adding unnecessary ‘h’, dropping ‘u’, to contracting ‘oo’ to ‘o’, etc.

So, to save myself some future searching around, I’ve decided to list character names by kanji, hiragana (which I can read and translate to romaji) and romaji, and maybe meanings of the kanji too. From the Kanji names, you could pretty much figure out how the names can be contracted to give them ‘nicknames’. Such as Momoshiro, consists of two characters, momo and shiro. Momo translates to peach. Shiro, some have translated to city. I need to check the kanji, but I remembered Tsukishiro (CCS’s Yukito’s surname) was translated as tsuki-moon and shiro-castle.

I’ll be updating this as and when available. If you find any error or have anything information to add to this page, please leave a comment. Thank you.

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