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Tezuka Kunimitsu – screen caps

I haven’t written anything about Tezuka in a while now. So, here’s to more procrastination on my hitting the textbooks … Tezuka screen caps. Tezuka moments that we don’t see most of the time.
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Internal consistency

Something’s been bothering me about Tezuka’s Kyuushuu arc.

Tezuka, upon arrival in Kyuushuu, was challenged by a group of tennis players who knew about his injury and rehabilitation in Germany. These were mediocre players that were looking for easy win and bragging rights for playing against someone with Tezuka’s reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Captain’s seat #1 – Tezuka Kunimitsu

Seishun Gakuen’s captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, is the most developed character among the captains. Personality-wise, he is serious, reserved, independant and highly principled person. He is normally shown as unemotional, expressionless with inscrutable poker face. At first glance, Tezuka is boring, uncharismatic (in contrast to Yamato’s charismatic and eccentric personality), unapproachable (habitually shown with unsmiling,even frowning expression), indifferent (despite Inui’s attempts to get him interested in gossip such as Momoshiro’s date, Tezuka hangs up on him, showing that Tezuka will not poke his nose into matters that are not his business) and detached (ignoring and refusing to rise up to provocations by Akutsu at Perfectural, Kakinoki’s Kuki and Kyushuu’s tennis club members).

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Study of Japanese modes of address and honourific

I guess I better start off with a disclaimer. I’m not Japanese. I studied it a bit and I have more than passing interest in it. So, this is what I can understand in my limited self-study and I may expand on this as I find new materials, aspects and understanding.

One of the interesting characteristics of Japanese language is the use of honorifics and the way someone is addressed shows the degrees/desire of familiarity in their relationship to each other. It even conveys the person’s personality, such as one who is normally formal or informal, open or distant, traditional or modern, rebellious, obedient or easygoing. A lot of these nuances are lost in translation to English. Which is why I feel it’s better to watch anime or japanese drama with English subtitles and original Japanese audio. You get the nuances and the depth of the story much better that way.

This post is an off-shoot from another article I’m writting on Prince of Tennis, The Captains’ Table, which is still half-done. I was looking at how Tezuka’s personality reflects the team dynamics and how it is conveyed and reflected in the members’ style of speech. So I’m afraid most of the examples require certain knowledge of Prince of Tennis. I’d recommend watching it, if only to study the nuances of Japanese language. But you should be able to observe similar usages in any anime or j-drama as well.

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Prince of Tennis – Tezuka Kunitmitsu

I have originally thought to write about various story telling and character design aspects of Prince of Tennis (see previous Post), but as I was rambling on, I realised I was writting a lot (I mean really a lot) about Tezuka. So, I’ve decided to snip out Tezuka specific sections and start another post just on Tezuka. So some parts are sort of fragmented since it was suppose to flow in the previous post.

I’m just writting whatever thoughts that happens to occur to me after finishing the anime and halfway through the manga. As such, there is no timeline and I do tend to jump around as I build connections between events as they occur to me. Mostly, I’ll be referring to anime version. I’m looking at story elements, what works, what doesn’t, what appeals and what disappoints. These are my personal opinions of the moment, not fact or intents of the mangaka, Konomi Takeshi. If it sounds fangirlish, well, it’s because I’m currently in Tezuka zone till further notice. *wink* But all said and done, I try to keep it objective and analytical.

This post is full of spoilers, so if you haven’t finished watching/reading Prince of Tennis, I suggest you stop now and come back later.

Tezuka Kunimitsu - 14 years old

Tezuka Kunimitsu - 14 years old

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