(Translation) Muga no Kyouchi and derivatives

Translations of Muga no Kyouchi and its derivatives.

Kanji: 無我の境地
Hiragana: むが の きょうち
Romaji: muga no kyouchi
Translated as State of Self-Actualisation.
無(mu)- No
我 (ga) – I
無我 (muga) – egoless
の (no) – of
境地(kyouchi) – state or situation

Literally translated as State of No-Self, Muga this is a concept borrowed from Zen Buddhism muga-mushin(無我無心)– no-self, empty-mind. Muga-mushin is cultivated in higher levels of martial arts (budou/bujutsu).

: 天衣無縫の極み
Hiragana: てんい むほう の きわみ
Romaji: ten’i muhou no kiwami
Translated as Pinnacle of Perfection.
天 (ten) – heaven
衣 (i) – clothing
無 (mu) – no
縫 (hou) – sewing
の (no) – of
極み (kiwami) – extremity, pinnacle

天衣無縫 (JP: ten-i-mu-hou; CH: tien yī wú fèng) is a Chinese idiom for ‘flawless’ (translated in PoT as ‘perfection’). It literally means seamless heavenly attire. The phrase originated from the mythology that heavenly maidens (sometimes translated as fairy) wear heavenly attires (tien-yi) that do not need needlework and are seamless.


Kanji: 才気煥発の極み
Hiragana: さいき かんぱつ の きわみ
Romaji: Saiki kanpatsu no kiwami
Translated as Pinnacle of Great Wisdom.
才 (sai) – genius, ancient
気 (ki) – mind, spirit, air
煥 (kan) – shine
発 (hatsu) – emit, discharge


Kanji: 百錬自得の極み
Hiragana: ひゃくれん じとく の きわみ
Romaji: hyakuren jitoku no kiwami
Translated as Pinnacle of Hard Work.
百(hyaku) – hundred
錬(ren) – drill, polish, refine, temper, repetition, stroke, practice, training
自(ji) – self
得(toku) – gained, obtained, acquire

Literally, it describes what one gained (developed) from the hard work of countless refinements or training.


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