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I dislike going to the salon to cut my hair. I don’t mind cutting my hair. I just don’t like total stranger touch or do anything with my hair. I went to the same hair dresser for 25 years. Even after she retired, I still go to her home to have my hair cut once a year. After some time, I stopped cutting my hair and it grew and grew and grew, until it was past my waist.

I used to keep my hair medium short and let it grow midway past my shoulders before I trimmed it back. Simple because any longer and I can’t stand it. But since I had stopped getting my regular haircut, it went past my waist.

So, while I was on long convalescence from a surgery in Malaysia, I decide to take a leapt and find me a hair salon. Preferably someone who speaks English. Well, the staff speaks half-English, half-Mandarin. Sigh … I got half I wanted. It was longer that I envisioned, but better too long than too short. I like boy cuts, but I don’t like crew cuts, thank you. Being unfamiliar with me, he didn’t take account that my hair is really thick. Or he either didn’t understand or didn’t believe me when I told him. So he had to come back and thin it the second time around. At least, the service is quite reasonable. My previous and most expensive hair salon venture in Singapore left such a sour taste, I swore off ever stepping into Tony & Guy again or any hair salon in Singapore.

Any rate, having shorter hair means high maintenance. I have to get it trimmed every two months, ideally. It’s now 3 months and I don’t feel like hazarding another salon trip. So, I was wondering how I was going to get my trim, and if I should buy a men’s shaver for the job. And many other alternatives to going near a hair salon.

Incidentally, Nin gave me a mantou link. And I had been rewatching Saiunkoku Monogatari, where manjuu (red bean paste steamed bun aka tau sa pau) features quite prominently in the story. I had an unreasonable urge to make mantou and its ilk in my one-room kitchenless rental. But that’s another story and another rant about the deplorable state Singapore is in that not only the citizens don’t cook, they can’t cook!

So, I after work, I went down to the local supermarket. On the way, there was a night market. And in this night market, I spent an hour perusing every single inventory in a little stall. Mostly kitchen ware and sewing ware and some hardware. In my world, it translates to Gadgets Galore! And to clarify this further, kitchen ware is not plates and bowls and pots. It’s funny shaped ladles, mysterious bamboo and metal implements, giant chopsticks, steamer of every shape and material, mortar and pestle, cake tins, flour sifter, claypots, rolling pins, funnel, etc. Stuff you won’t find in a Singaporean supermarket. And you do find it in some obscure shelf, will cost a bomb. Seriously, marked up by 10 times and of lousy quality.

Anyway, back to topic. I think this vendor gets his goods from Malaysia and China and Thailand. So I was surprised and happy to find that he sells heavy duty scissors for sewing. And cloth scissors led to this and that and I bought myself some  fine specimens of gadgetry.

The first is this razor. I swear I’ve not seen one of these in 15 years. Having aunts and second cousins as professional hairdressers, I do know what it is. It’s been used on me a number of times, since I favour the not straight, kind of messy hairstyle. Normally, professionals have metal ones. This one is made of 2 pieces of plastic and 2 pieces of razors. You can slide the middle section off to replace the razors. It’s somewhat flimsy, but the fact that it exists and cost a measly $1.50 … I will adore it forever. You need firm hand to use this, but it’s hard to go wrong with it. I use it to shorten and layer my fringe. At least it is a section I can actually see what I was doing. It works much better than a shaver, which I had been using for really small jobs. It’s cheaper than a shaver and works better too.

Toothed scissors

Toothed scissors

Next is this one. I’ve never seen it before, which is unspeakable delightful; and of course, I must have one!  The device is actually quite ingenious. One of the blade has teeth like a comb. The teeth are actually the cutting surface.

When the scissors is closed, the gaps between the teeth will leave holes. Hair that falls into these holes will not be cut. It does a good job of thinning hard to reach places. I did wish there is someone who could do it for me. But the scissors is a lot of help in trimming the side and back.

It comes in a variety of sizes, with wide gap to fine tooth. This one cost $6.50. It’s a steal! (no pun intended.)

Close up of scissors

Close up of scissors

I guess it’s an idiot proof hair cutting scissors. Normally, the hairdresser will use a sharp thin scissors to make these kind of cuts. The blades are positioned almost parallel to the hair so it’s cut in a jagged acute angle.

So these are my new purchases. Hopefully, these babies can keep me out of a hair salon for the next 6 months.

More photos on PicasaWeb. http://picasaweb.google.com/cathy001/20100808HairTrimmingGadgets


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