I tot I heard an Atobe – Bleached Grimmjow

I was watching Bleach with half an ear when I thought I heard PoT’s Atobe Keigo. Blink blink! I did! I did hear Atobe. Turns out, one of Bleach’s character, Grimmjow is voiced by Suwabe Juniichi.  The same as Atobe’s voice actor. Seems like both Grimmjow and Atobe share more than voice. Both seems to have their brand of personal honour and what they considered fair play. Not to mention both have attitude to go with their ruthlessness. Even their insane laugh … I seem to have similar reaction to Grimmjow as I did Atobe. I didn’t like them at first and I should dislike them. But by the second time Grimmjow reappeared, down to his ‘final hour’, it’s hard not to like him. He managed to single-handedly defy Aizen, rescue Orihime, pulled the wool over Ulquiorra … Gotta admire his sass.

Both Atobe and Grimmjow character designs are pretty to look at. Now, I have to say, Bleach’s characters leaves me with mixed feelings. I dislike all the main characters, especially Ichigo. I think his character design is ugly (except the hot bankai cloak). Seriously, his sword and that ‘uncle’ personification of his sword are prettier than him. But Bleach also have pretty artwork, like Hitsugaya (who also shares voice and personality with FMA’s Edward Elric), Byakuya (voiced by Tezuka’s Okiayu Ryoutarou), Unohana, the foxy looking captain I forgot his name, even Aizen and his blind crony (whatzisname), Yoruichi and Soifon, Ulquiorra, Urahara … The uglies ones are too many to name. Also, while Grimmjow’s Espada form is pretty cool, his transformed kitty shape, both Adjucha and resurrected Panthera are … umm … squeal-worthy cute! Sleek, dangerous and cute, all rolled into one.

So, I’ve finally reached the death of Grimmjow and as I watched him declaring himself ‘King’ … I can’t help wondering how much of that was influenced by Atobe.

Well, see for yourself.

Grimmjow – Espada

Grimmjow - Espada

Grimmjow – Ressurection form

Full body

Grimmjow - Panthera - Full body

Look at those kitty ears!

Grimmjow - Panthera - closeup

Grimmjow – Adjuchas

Full tiger body

Grimmjow - Adjuchas-full

Close up

Grimmjow - Adjuchas closeup



  1. Salivia Baker said

    foxy guy is Gin and the blind guy is Toosen.

    I didn’t like Grimmjow until he got into resurrection. I love this kitty! (yeah.. all for looks this time since his personality it too much like Ichigo’s)
    But thanks to you I know why his voice seemed somehow familiar.

  2. Magda said

    I loved Grimmjow…and i think he is nothing like that whinny strawberry. I actually think he is a lot smarter than he looks. His instincts are sharp and his resurrection is proof of that. There is a scene actually two if i am not mistaken where he looks sad that he has to kill Ichigo, but i think he knows that ichigo will keep coming back and will never understand that he is defeated. I am thinking that in the idea that Grimmjow declares himself king that if he would have been left to evolve a little bit more he would have tryed to kill Aizen (hopefully suceeding…although i think Gin was the better one to do it) for him to become the real king. His resurrection from is also cute as hell…well i love both his forms…He’s ruthless and when ever i re-watch his fights although i know he loses or backs down i’m like a cheer leader with pom poms.
    Me: Goooooo Grimmy!!!!!!
    Him: did you say something?
    Me: Maaaaybe
    Him: wanna die?
    Me *pulling out my twin swords and cloths turn into a green armor*: sparring time…bring it on kitty

    I’m insane i know…it was off the top of my head

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