Moscato D’Asti

I’m not really a ‘wine’ wine drinker. Usually, I prefer port, plum wine and ice wine. However, I do buy wines occasionally. Sometimes for curiosity, sometimes for special family occasions. Sometimes, it’s because the bottle is so pretty.

However, when it comes to drinking wines, I am no connoisseur. In fact, I find most wines horrible. It’s either too sour, too harsh, salty, bitter or just unpleasant. Now that I’ve established my credentials, or lack of it, I just want to say … I think I found a wine I really, really, really like.

Most wine reviews will say wine tastes of strawberry, melon or old leather boots, smells of pine or other flowery language. Which unfortunately, when I tried it, left me quite baffled. You see … they pretty much taste the same to me. Where’s the strawberry?

But when I tried the Moscato … I can honestly smell flowers! It’s really fragrant. And it tastes like fruits on first sip. It’s really light, somewhat sweet (not cloying) and very easy to drink. It was a very refreshing wine. It leaves a wonderful fragrance. This is the first time I actually finished a bottle in 3 days, all by myself. I know it doesn’t sound impressive. But considering that one bottle normally ended up in my fridge for 6-12 months, while I reluctantly not want to drink it and tried to find ways I could finish it. My last bottle of red wine, I found a really good way. I pour it over vanilla and raspberry ice-cream. It was fantastic! Especially when it turned into a soupy purplish slush. Okay, this is a wine post so I have to try describe it better. When the ice-cream is partially melted, it mixes with the thick red wine, forming a sea of beautiful shades of lavender, from deep twilight lavender to light wisteria. The bits of vanilla ice-cream floated like little archipelago. Still, it took 2 litres of ice-cream to finish a bottle. (Don’t lynch me. I did say I don’t know wines.)

Ahem! Now, Moscato is a white wine from Asti, Itali. It’s a little sparkling, with bubbles. But not as bubbly as champagne. This is good, because … I hate champagne (about the same amount as I hate carbonated drinks).  It can be a dessert wine. The seller told me it goes well with spicy food and seafood. But I liked it just for after dinner drinking.

The cork is really hard to remove. I twisted my bottle opener beyond recognition and the cork did not budge a millimetre. In the end, I used pliers and picked the cork to pieces bit by bit. It took an hour. Luckily, this is such a wonderful wine. So I forgave it as I threw away my bottle opener and cleaned my pliers.

I would but another bottle in the future. First, I have to find a bottle opener …


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