Tezuka Kunimitsu – screen caps

I haven’t written anything about Tezuka in a while now. So, here’s to more procrastination on my hitting the textbooks … Tezuka screen caps. Tezuka moments that we don’t see most of the time.

Tezuka in library, cleaning glasses. Complete with two girls ogling him.

Tezuka in library, cleaning glasses. Complete with two girls ogling him.

This was taken from one of the endings. It’s rare for Anime or any media to show the habits of glasses-wearing characters. PoT has quite a number of these gems, mostly by Inui. Here is one of the habits, which occurs rather often. To clean the lenses.

Tezuka - reading Mcbain novel

Tezuka - reading Mcbain novel

This was from the Germany arc, where Tezuka was alone in his room with his own thoughts.

Tezuka without glasses

Tezuka without glasses

Another Tezuka without his glasses. It’s normal for myopic people to take off glasses to wash face, then fumble around blearily for glasses or towels. Hmm … Tezuka looked a lot like Kajimoto in this shot, with the sepia tinted artwork.

It's okay, Ooishi

It's okay, Ooishi

The following scene, where we have full frontal Tezuka without his glasses. Hmm … I like megane-Tezuka better.

Tezuka correcting his maths teacher

Tezuka correcting his maths teacher

Tezuka looks rather conspiratory when correcting his teacher. He’s either a joy to teach (finally, a kid who pays attention in class) or a terror.

Tezuka - 11 years old

Tezuka - 11 years old

And finally, chibi Tezuka, when he challenged Sanada in Elementary School.



  1. Salivia Baker said

    in the ending when Tezuka cleans his glasses I thought they look rounder then usual. maybe he has special reading glasses?

    I love chibi Tezuka. sooo cute (and already stylish)

    But I miss smiling Tezuka http://yfrog.com/16tezukasmilep

    (great to see you write again :))

    • cohlinn said

      Yeah, they do. I hope it’s just the angle of the shot. If he needs reading glasses at his age, he’s going to be blind as a bat when he’s 40. Hehe!

      • Salivia Baker said

        mh, true. maybe he got two pairs then.

  2. Salivia Baker said

    I have to comment again, because I had to think about the scene in the anime when he corrects his maths teacher. I am currently reading the manga and there is actually a scene (at the end of a chapter) where he asks Ooishi about a maths problem.

    • cohlinn said

      Which chapter was that? I don’t remember it … Have to re-read the manga.

    • cohlinn said

      Oo! Thank you! I never noticed that page before. I like how the mangaka commented ‘Don’t overestimate Tezuka’ which probably what true. It’s hard not to overestimate him.

      I remembered that scene from the Anime. It was during Atobe vs Tezuka match. Oishi said that during 2nd year, Tezuka trained so hard that the pain returned or that he re-injured himself. I can’t remember if it was in the manga or not. But when I watched the scene where Inui was telling Kaidou not to over do his training, I thought Tezuka should have had the same lecture from Inui :D.

      • Salivia Baker said

        I like Tezuka in the Manga better because he seems to be more of a person there. I also understand now why he was so reckless during the match with Atobe. He made the promise with his former captain to go with the nationals. That means he feels responsible. If it were with Oishi (as the Anime indicated) it would have been team effort but like that Tezuka things he himself has to make way. I think if Tezuka would (could) have relied on his team members at that time he wouldn’t have tried to win that match so hard.

        When Oishi talks about Tezuka during the match I get a very lonely feeling. Nobody could challenge Tezuka at Seigaku when he joint. He defeated everybody, including the captain. But he still tried to reach higher, so he trained. And as it sounds not only at school. It’s a lonely journey if you work on yourself alone, no wonder he wanted to play Fuji. He wanted to have somebody else on that journey. But he had to wait for a year until the others could show their abilities.

        And yes the scene is in the Manga as well.

    • cohlinn said

      Yeah. Actually, the anime kinda botched it. I find it hard to rationalise Tezuka’s attitude in that match … What you said makes sense. Most of the members had not quite reach his level yet in Kantou.

      Tezuka feels like a lonely person among the Seigaku members. Even Kaidou has Inui. Although Oishi is the closest friend to Tezuka, it still feels like there’s a distance between them. It’s kind of sad.

      Then again, that’s why I prefer Tezuka to Ryoma. Ryoma was pretty much spoon-fed by Nanjirou, Tezuka and everyone else. Tezuka seems to gain everything through his own effort and self-belief. At least, that’s what it looks like from what little is revealed of him.

      • Salivia Baker said

        A lot of people see Fuji and Tezuka really close. But I think that they are close as in the experience of being good at tennis and have not many players around, who are at the same level. But I think Oishi is closer to him in the sense of being a good friend. Though he also could see Tezuka only at some distance.
        Tezuka sees a lot of himself in Ryoma but as you said Ryoma is spoon-fed. Ryomas problem is that on the one hand he is always the looser and on teh otehr hand always the (easy) winner. That must make him feel lonely too and that’s why joining Seigaku is good for him.
        The regulars formed a group around Tezuka, that way Tezuka wasn’t alone anymore, yet he must still feel lonely. He carries the torch on from his former captain (i.e. making people run laps around the court) with all it’s responsibility (Promise to go to the Nationals) and tries to pass on the good things he has experienced (as a first year he was allowed to play in the ranking matches so he allowed Ryoma to play).
        I also think it is really a strong character he has because he stayed at the club even though he had such a bad experience. He had to face the person who caused him so much pain every day! (unless they kicked him out but since it looked like a minor injury at that time he maybe just got a punishment).

        I always try to figure out why Tezuka isn’t more involved. Sure there are quite types, but Tezuka chooses to be on the sideline and “let the children play” and that is what confuses me. He likes to be with the others but he rarely participates. Not even through expression. Fuji says that Tezuka is always calm, but we know he feels anticipation, concern etc. but he doesn’t (want to?) show it. I can’t figure him out.

        I am currently watching the Chinese Drama of Prince of Tennis and Tezuka there is actually smiling and having fun and is just a normal young man. I had to get used to it.. I mean SmilingTezuka! But it makes me happy to see him (even if he is called Zhong Guo Guang) let loose.

    • cohlinn said

      Fuji-Tezuka – Yeah, I know. I don’t see them as close friends. I can’t be a PoT fan without being aware of the huge Fuji-Tezuka shippers out there. I think the anime kind of encourage this view with all the extra parts given to Fuji. If I recall correctly, manga Tezuka was not shown to play against Fuji. Just as manga Ryoma had not won a match against Tezuka.

      As for Tezuka’s standoffishness in activities, I see that as Tezuka’s way of playing his leadership role and taking the part of teacher. His team mates can go wild and impulsive and act like boys their age, but Tezuka could not. As captain, he sees himself as responsible for them. He had to be the one to call the stops and discipline them if they go too far. Can’t do that if he is a participant and guilty of same childish behaviour as the others. He would lose the perceived credibility and authority over them. Also, I noticed Tezuka has higher probability of participating in activities if Ryuzaki-sensei is around. Maybe he feels like when Ryuzaki-sensei is absent, he is obligated to take over her role as mature, responsible, adult teacher-advisor.

      As for his reluctance to show his feelings, I think it’s part of his temperament. I have Tezuka pegged as INTJ Mastermind in MBTI/Jungian Psych Type. As an NT Rational, he doesn’t feel the need to emotional display. Even being perceived cold and distant exterior is an NT trait. Display of strong emotions or excessive display of emotions are considered waste of energy; immature and even embarrassing. Most INTJ description fits Tezuka quite well. Well, either that or I’m biased, being an INTP myself. LOL!

      INTJ The Scientist (Mastermind) – http://intj.mbti.human-types.com/
      Kiersey’s Portrait of INTJ Mastermind – http://www.keirsey.com/handler.aspx?s=keirsey&f=fourtemps&tab=5&c=mastermind
      Wiki INTJ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/INTJ

      • cohlinn said

        Tezuka smiling and acting like a normal kid! Now I have to find youtube clips of Chinese Tezuka.

        Zhong Guo Guang? Guo(country) Guang(bright/shine) is definitely Mandarin for Kuni-mitsu kanji. Tezuka would be Sou (hand) Zhong (cemetery). Then again, Chinese have very few two-word surnames, so the script writers just pick one character? I can’t imagine any Chinese having ‘cemetery’ in their name.

        How do the other characters address him? Guo Guang?

      • Salivia Baker said

        Not really acting like a normal kid but in comparison.. oh yes! I mean they are college students not in high school so it’s not childish but I’d say like a normal youth. In Season two there is a little extra after each episode and there we see how he participates in jokes/pranks.

        I only know the Drama Wiki page http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Prince_of_Tennis where they don’t have the Kanji (though I only know 手anyway)

        Season 2 episode 1 (or was it 2) deals with Tezuka’s treatment/going away. my heart was beating so fast when I watched it. I like Tezuka way to much *doesn’t mention Tazuka phone charm and her Tezuka keychain*

      • Salivia Baker said

        I haven’t read all of the Manga yet but so far I haven’t seen them much together. I mean if you want to ship then ship Oishi and Eiji or Inui and Kaidou. At least they have a relationship.

        Your explanation regarding his standoffishness (what a word!) may be true for the current year but as freshmen and as 2nd Year he was not the Captain. True he was suppose to become the pillar of support and was then vice-captain but I don’t think that would be enough reason for him to stay in the background. He actually says to Echizen that he can be the pillar even when he is in America, that means a Pillar is a symbol and that symbol is set by his ability and potential and not by actions. And the vice-captain’s job is not only to act on the captain’s behalf when he is not there but also to connect both captain and team (just what Oishi does). Therefore being on the sidelines would either be unnecessary or contra productive.

        I didn’t know about those type (I knew there were types but not much specific). It is rather interesting, though I found something the explanation that I think don’t apply.

        “INTJs spend a lot of time inside their own minds, and may have little interest in the other people’s thoughts or feelings.”

        Because of his friendship with Oishi he didn’t quit the team. If he had quit, Oishi would have quit. This shows he has interests in Oishi’s feelings. He also wanted to take on the road to the nationals with him together. Also he is angry when people treat tennis wrongly, which he wouldn’t be if he would not care.

        “Consequently, they are quick to express judgments.”

        Tezuka does not express judgements. After he has made an assortment, he tried to make the others see, what he sees i.e. their potential or their problems.

        Gotta read more about those types. I think I am a INTP but I am not sure yet.

      • cohlinn said

        Ahaha! I don’t ship any of them. Not a yaoi fan much. PoT is still a story about coming of age, friendship and sportsmanship to me.

        1st and 2nd year Tezuka is more proactive. He hangs out with Oishi, runs laps, play practice matches and do normal training with everyone else. He talks more and acts more like his age, especially in his first year. He didn’t spend most of his time standing on sideline like 3rd year Tezuka. Unfortunately, I don’t get any impression of him in his vice-captain role in any of the flashbacks form any opinion on his behaviour in that role. Somehow, I don’t think he will act like Oishi as vice-captain. But it’s possible that he act as the bridge between 3rd years and 2nd years. I could see Ryoma growing into that role in the future. And Ryoma is even more anti-social than Tezuka.

        Then again, he accepts the Pillar role early in his first year. He had to feel tremendous responsibility for that symbolic role. Especially considering the senior players were not very good (relatively), he was just about the only one who had to win at all cost. Hence his perfect win records in the two years and the only Seigaku player to win against Rikkaidai in Kantou.

        “… little interest in the other people’s thoughts or feelings.” I don’t really find a contradiction to this. He doesn’t give much interest to people/things that he considers trivial. There’s the Tezuka hanging up on Inui multiple times (though it’s unrealistic IRL to treat your friends that way, unless he has a good understanding with Inui), Tezuka giving cold shoulder to Kuki, Tezuka crushing lesser player and showing neither joy or disdain …

        Oishi is a very important person to Tezuka. He falls under special category. Oishi threatening to quit tennis can’t be trivial to tennis-obsessed Tezuka. Worse, Oishi explicitly places the reason (blame) on Tezuka. Wow! Now I’m in awe of Oishi. He knows how to push Tezuka’s button.
        “In forming relationships, INTJs tend … to be stable, reliable, and dedicated. … INTJs are usually very loyal partners who are prepared to commit substantial energy and time into a relationship to make it work.” – Wiki

        Off-track: Actually, I liked the manga Oishi much better. He is more self-assured and not a doormat. Post Tezuka-Ryoma match, in the train, manga Oishi pretty much tells Tezuka off when he disagrees with Tezuka’s actions. The anime Oishi sounds more worried and unsure, like he’s afraid to contradict Tezuka. Also, manga has Oishi’s wacky drawings and psych tests.

        “Consequently, they are quick to express judgments.” You have a point. Tezuka spend a lot of time thinking things through. He wouldn’t be making snap judgements.

        Psych Typing is quite fun, though I don’t think anyone can fit a type 100%. I definitely am not the genius INTP is made out to be in most descriptions. Then again, it’s kind of fun to pick a fictional character and figure out his/her type. There’s usually room for debate since fictional characters act/think according to the needs of the story, writer’s whim and reader’s perception. Sherlock Holmes usually turns into INTJ/INTP/ISTJ debate.

  3. Salivia Baker said

    I don’t really “ship” anyone, but I think it’s fun to think along those lines every once in a while. And Inui/Kaidou is just fun. (I remember that Anime episode where Kaidou thinks Inui is asking him out on a date XD)
    I like PoT because of the characters. I do not care much for tennis and I do not have much understanding of growing up. But I like watching the group.

    Tezuka plays against his senpais with his right hand – his way of showing them respect. Even though they are lesser players. I also don’t see Tezuka acting especially cold against other people, just like he always is.

    Tezuka still practices with the rest of the team, I don’t think there is much difference between his first 2 years and his 3rd year. Though he has more responsibilities that often come before training, so he may have to take some time out.

    I wonder what Ryoma as Captain would be like.. though I also like to see more of Kaidou/Momoshiro in their roles.

    I like Manga Oishi also better. For the same reason you do.
    It was also something that surprised me a bit in the Chinese Version, where Oishi excepts easily the responsibility as Captain when Tezuka goes to America for treatment. He is a bit unsure but he pairs up with Inui in order to make the decisions (about training, player list, etc.). He doesn’t worry as much as in the Anime.

    I read a bit more yesterday and according to that classification I am INTP. But I am not that anti-social.
    I wonder how compatible those types are.

    • cohlinn said

      Ahaha! Kaidou was hilarious. I feel sorry for him though. He always ended up being picked on by scriptwriters. Yeah, Inui/Kaidou has pretty interesting relationship. It’s quite unexpected, but it works well for both their quirky characteristics. Inui is an NT Rational.

      There’s quite a number of MBTI/Jung Typology tests online. Some free, some not so free.
      Free ones are like :

      • Salivia Baker said

        Those scenes made me like him better. He became my favourite character after Tezuka (and in the Chinese Drama I actually like him even more)

        Thanks for the links.
        both tests tell my I am INTJ. But I am not that good with the practical usage. I only think *lol*

  4. Anonymous said

    Could someone please tell me which episodes in the anime these scene caps were from? I’ve watched the anime and I’ve never seen these scenes. Thank you!

    • cohlinn said

      They are all from the Anime, from TV series and Nationals OVA.

      The library was from the ending credits, don’t remember which episodes, but probably the last season or Nationals. It think that ending had Inui secretly pouring Inui Juice into Kaidou’s water-bottle.

      The young Tezuka is also from the Nationals arc. Part of Sanada’s flashback.

      Reading Tezuka is around Kantou arc, around Seigaku vs Rikkaidai.

      Megane-less Tezuka was from the earlier episodes. Before Tezuka vs Echizen.

      Tezuka with teacher is from Karupin’s Adventures filler episode.

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