Ten-i Muhou no Kiwami

In Prince of Tennis – OVA National 19 – One-Point Match, there were two interesting points.

1. (19:02) Echizen Nanjirou was chatting with the taxi driver. He was thinking “Soon, I’ll have to teach you seriously” – which probably refers to his plan to teach Ryoma about Ten-i Muhou no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection). However, this was quickly followed by “That guy as well” (aitsu mo).  Who is the person Nanjirou is thinking about? I don’t think it’s Ryoga, which is really a movie alternate universe. Could it be Kintarou, perhaps?

2. (18:05) Fuji asked Tezuka about Ten-i Muhou no Kiwami. The look on Fuji’s face when Tezuka confirmed it … What was Fuji smiling about? Is it me or Fuji looked really scary, like he’s completely lost his marbles? What was he thinking? New trill? New landmark to achieve? Can’t help but wonder if the next milestone (post National Champions for Seigaku) is developing new players that can reach Ten-i Muhou no Kiwami. Candidates: Tezuka, Fuji, Kirihara Akaya, Kintarou (questionable if he realised he has reached that Door), Ryoma (has all ready reached it in match against Yukimura).


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