Internal consistency

Something’s been bothering me about Tezuka’s Kyuushuu arc.

Tezuka, upon arrival in Kyuushuu, was challenged by a group of tennis players who knew about his injury and rehabilitation in Germany. These were mediocre players that were looking for easy win and bragging rights for playing against someone with Tezuka’s reputation.

In the first game, Tezuka, with Miyuki as hostage, played against his will left-handed. By this time, we can assume that these events have all ready occurred.

  1. Tezuka has played against Echizen the second time, right-handed.
  2. Tezuka has perfected his right-handed Tezuka Zone and Zero-shiki dropshot.
  3. Tezuka has gone to Germany and back.
  4. Tezuka has been called back to Junior Selection Camp by Ryuzaki-sensei as replacement coach.
  5. Tezuka, left-handed, had played against the best players in Kantou Region and held his own. Kajimoto, Shishido, Ootori and Sengoku are way way better players than the Kyuushuu players.

So what the heck happened to Tezuka in Kyuushuu? He could play competently both right-handed and left-handed by the time he arrived in Kyuushuu. Tezuka was certainly not testing and toying with the the Kyuushuu player like he did with Kite (allowing Kite easy win for the first two games). It’s illogical.

Well, the best explanation I could find is probably the Anime had deviated significantly from the manga at this point. The TV series is only up to pre-National arc. By then, the Anime had deviated in that events 1-5 above did not occurr in the Manga.

However, the OVAs that cover the National arc followed closely to the Manga, and for once, I might complain that it was too closely. The manga merely shows Tezuka suddenly leaving Tokyo for Kyuushuu for treatment, without the Farewell Tezuka arc. So it made sense that Tezuka was not able to play either right or left-handed when he arrived there. Actually, Tezuka as at Kyuushuu for a longer period and 10-year-old Miyuki became his self-appointed coach.

So, conclusion, deviation from the original source is fine, as long as internal story consistency is maintained. While I usually prefer movie/series that stays truer to the source, too close to the source is also a bad thing. There has to be a balance, between the heart of the story, internal logic, and artistic licence from translating one media to another.


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  1. saliviabaker said

    They “explained” it with a fear Tezuka had. That’s what he discovered there. I think it was like this:
    He did all this things but when he was back fully recovered he realized his journey to get back what he lost is over and from now on he had to go forward. we would enter a territory he wouldn’t know. Once that subconscious though was there his left shoulder would hurt. and so he couldn’t raise it anymore.
    He couldn’t play right handed because those punks wouldn’t let him.

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