Still addicted to PoT

How did I get into this in the first place? I blame Inuyasha. See, Inuyasha introduced me to Narita Ken, the voice actor of Sesshoumaru. Since Inuyasha ended, I went searching for Narita Ken’s work and ended up with Gakuen Heaven and Bleach. Both featured Okiayu Ryotarou as Shinomiya Kouji (GH) and Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach). And following Okiayu Ryotarou, I found Prince of Tennis. Not that I’ve  never heard of it before. It’s just that, with a dorky title like that and it being a sports-based anime, it didn’t pique my interest.

So, after a marathon of PoT, I ended up doing a lot of analysis on the storyline and characters. PoT is a good subject to do that since it holds certain framework, it’s interesting but not flawless. In truth, for me, the strength of the story have very little to do with Tennis. Too much character analysis, instead of weaning me off my current obsession, seems to have fuelled it further.

So it’s come to this. The doom of obsessions gone wild … an undeniable urge to write fanfiction! And the result:

Shifting sands (complete)

Aftermath of Kantou Tournament where Tezuka Kunimitsu lost to Atobe Keigo and severely injured his left shoulder. What will Tezuka do now that he could no longer play tennis?

This was an attempt to flesh out the rationalisations of Tezuka before he made his final decisions to leave the team. Also first time I’m writting angst type of fiction. I normally prefer something more optimistic and light hearted.

Anyway, one bright spot in this: I seem to get back to writting again after 3 years hiatus. And I actually finished it! I’m a procrastinator and I seem to start more stories that never gets finished. Any rate, this piece have taught me not to be too ambitious. I should try to limit the theme to one or two. Aim to keep the timeline and storyline as short as possible.

Smaller scope means shorter work and something I can finish within a few days before I lose interest or come up with too many branching possibilities that I get stumped into not writting any at all. Also, smaller scope allows me to do my favourite kind of writting. Getting into the story creation world and savour the details without trying to hurry the story forward. It’s like writting about nothing and everything. Nothing because there’s not much action or interesting events. Yet, I can savour every little thing, details, nuances, thoughts.

Another lesson I seem to have forgotten is … I just have to write in non-sequential way. And somehow, the pieces will fall into place eventually. You see, the words I want to write is normally paragraphs or chapters away from where I was supposed to be in my writting. They remain there and I can’t wrie them down until I find the bridging pieces in between. Eventual, I get frustrated with not having the bridging piece or the bridging part is not as bright and shiny (ie lower standard) or it’s too long. Then I dropped the project and became reluctant to touch it again.

I just have to keep reminding myself that I should just keep writting what felt right. Eventually, I might not even need that bridge after all.

Now I feel motivated and guilty enough to continue my LotR work. My problem is, I know where it’s going. I have certain events that I’m aiming for. But I’m not sure how do I get there and I get bogged down with trying to research details and accuracy for every paragraph that I write. It makes for a slow process. And it’s easily halted if I don’t have my books with me for references. I should put a closure on it as an arc and start a new arc. Some times, what I thought as materials enough for one chapter, ended up spawning many many chapters that make up one whole arc by itself. It’s a bad habit. I really should learn to set smaller scope and not get overwhelmed by the great epic novel.



  1. saliviabaker said

    oh I love Okiayu Ryotarou! I just watched Fruits Basket. he can even do the crazy but soft voice ♥
    I must say I still love his deep vice better. I don’t care if it’s crazy like K (Gravitation) or holding back like Tezuka and Byakuya. Tough I don’t like it when he plays colourless characters like the ones in Sailor Moon.. still love the voice though 😉

    Is it certain that Tezuka can’t play Tennis anymore or is that just the basic for the story? I just thought there was a high risk but we never got the result if it was actually over for him.

    btw. I just re-watched the episode where Inui keeps calling him because of Momo’s date and he hangs up every time. The Tezuka’s have their own Koi O.o

    • cohlinn said

      Hehe … Okiayu Ryotarou was awesome as Shigure, crazy and funny one moment, serious the next. He was Akio in Clannad too. Didn’t watch Gravitation or Sailor Moon though. I should hunt down Gravitation one of these days.

      Yeah, I definitely liked his deep voice better. He was using his deep voice in Saiunkoku Monogatari too. Actually, there are other PoT seiyuus are in SM. Kiuchi Hidenobu (Oshitari), Suwabe Junichi (Atobe), Namikawa Daisuke (Ootori) … I just realised the whole lot are from Hyotei!

      I really admire seiyuus that can do different voices and even sing in that voice. I don’t think Oki’s normal speaking voice is that deep, but when he sings in Tezuka’s voice, it was incredible.

      As to whether Tezuka could still play tennis, technically he could. Anime even had him beat Ryoma right-handed, which never happened in Manga. The issue was, Tezuka could (rather should) not play tennis the way he wanted the play. And as a responsible adult and coach, Ryuzaki-sensei could not let him compete in his condition. Too risky of permanent injury. Also, without proper treatment, it could cause muscular/joint problems later in life. Another repeat of his 12-year-old incident.

      Yeah! I think it had a glimpse of his grandfather too. The koi pond showed up again when Ryoma visited Tezuka’s house after Jr. Senbatsu.

  2. Salivia Baker said

    But Shigure wasn’t as good as K even though he was an animal^^
    (Though my fav scene in FB basket was when the Ayame was in Toru’s blouse as snake because he was cold *g* both times)
    haven’t watched Clanned or Saiunkoku Monogatari yet. I have some other Animes before I can get on with my Okiayu Ryotaro hunting^^

    Sailor Moon voices.. can’t remember any of them *lol* U wasn’t much into seiyus back then. I just recognized Okiayu Ryotaro.
    But you have to watch Gravitation! I love i because you can either just enjoy the silliness or get deep into the characters. Especially Yuki *sniff* And even now I see still new things because I understand Japanese language and customs better and better. Sadly not enough to listen to the audio dramas but hey I need a goal in my life anyway *g*

    Seiyuus are such good voice actors. I am still stunned by their talent. And Okiayu.. I have seen/heard in once or twice with his normal voice and it wasn’t like his acting voice, it was more gentle and just like any other voice.
    I have some songs with him. I especially like it when he pairs up with Kusunoki Taiten (Sanada).

    So in conclusion. Tazuka has to undergo right treatment and should be careful not to over do it with his left arm? But he is able to play with his left arm in time?

    I remember his grandfather (or some older man) when it’s the date episode too. I can’t remember what we see when Ryoma visits him.. have to watch that episode again.

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